Opportunity to Get a Free Bag!
2 Jan 2021

Opportunity to Get a Free Bag!

Post by Diane Fuller

If you have been making preparations for travel when all this is over with the pandemic, then here is your opportunity to win a free backpack for your travels and future adventures.

Evatac is offering free backpacks for people who can pay a small shipping cost. While it’s not as sturdy and high-end as some backpacks that can cost up to 100 or so quids, you are getting a backpack that will get most of the stuff done for everyday use.

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There are plenty of compartments and places to put away and stow your items and not worry about losing them. If you happen to get the free backpack please be sure to leave a review of your personal experience on our site.

If however, you want to buy a bag that is suited for travel, then here are some small tips to get you started.

Material quality

Material is very important, as you need it to be sturdy and tough enough to endure the environment. If you can you should get a backpack that is waterproof and doesn’t rip as easily.

You also want it to be light enough so that you can feel comfortable and at ease when wearing it.

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps are probably one of the most important aspects of a backpack. Cheaply made backpacks have straps that easily tear apart or break, so get a backpack with a thick strap and something that will allow you use it for a long time.

Thick Bottoms

There are numerous cases where people get their backpacks cut at the bottom and losing their passports, laptops, and other important items. Thieves have gotten craftier and are discovering new ways to steal.

One of which is to cut at the bottom of the backpack without being noticed and stealing all their belongings.

You should consider the material that is used at the bottom and inspect whether it can withstand pocket knife cuts.