How Fast Are Korean Trains?
22 Jun 2022

How Fast Are Korean Trains?

Post by Diane Fuller

If you are planning your next trip to Korea, you should try taking one of the high-speed trains in South Korea, specifically between the countryside and within the city, in the metro.

Compared to some other countries, you’ll find that Korean subways are very clean, efficient, and quite fast. East Asia in general has a really good railway system, which makes the necessity to drive cars less.

Interesting Fact About Korean Railway System

“First trains began to service passengers in 1899. They connected Jemulpo with Han River near Yeongdeungpo. The major lines were later laid during the Japanese rule of Korea. The railway system of South Korea was even attached to the Trans-Siberian Railway but was hardly damaged during the Korean War.”


Despite being a little late in building railroads, South Korea has progressed quite fast. Nowadays besides clean metro stations, the trains serviced in South Korea are crazy fast!

How Fast Are Korean Trains?

You can expect to reach speeds up to 300km per hour! It is almost 3 times faster than driving a car on the highway. Compared to American trains from Amtrak, it is twice as fast and doesn’t even cost that much.

All this is possible due to the South Korean government that prioritized their transportation industry after the Korean Civil war. Roads, train tracks, and public transportation were all mandated by the government to use high-quality materials and improve their technology. Citizens of ROK are now reaping the rewards from this.

However, not all the trains are this fast. Some trains in Gyeongui Line go about 90km per hour.

Within Seoul and the metro area, you can expect the subway to average about 50km per hour, but recently South Korea has been breaking some ground with its subway system. They are building new subway trains that can reach up to 180km per hour! It will only take a few minutes to go from one end of Seoul to the other side of Seoul.

Where Can You Book Tickets

If you are thinking of visiting Korea, check out this site where you can buy tickets online at relatively reasonable prices: https://www.ktxtrains.com/

The experience of the Korean subway in itself is something to behold!

In the metro and subway, people usually just mind their own business and go about their lives without necessarily getting involved. You will find people of all classes using the subway system. Tickets average about 1200 Won, which is about $1. It might be a little cheaper if you get the monthly pass.

Korean Culture and People

South Korean culture has been taking the world by storm pretty recently. From winning the Oscars for the best movie to KPop and other influences, South Korea and China are to become global centers in the future.

Compared to the previous 20-30 years, South Korean influence has been taking center stage and people are warming up to Kdrama, Korean movies, and Korean culture in general. If you are interested in learning more or studying in South Korea with a scholarship, try this program: https://ganada.edu.mn/surgalt/