16 Aug 2019

How to enjoy your train ride

Post by Diane Fuller

Compared with flights, who doesn’t like a cozy train ride? You can move around, get off at stops, and enjoy the freedom that comes with traveling via the railroad.

Although it may be slower and takes a bit longer than flying, it is great for people who fear flying and a bit claustrophobic.

Bring a Book

You will be on the train for a while, so why not bring an interesting book with you, to enjoy your ride?

Download Netflix Movies

Some trains have WIFI, but it is a safer bet to install Netflix and download a few movies on your phone before your ride.

Make Friends on The Train

If you are open to making new friends, trains can be a great way to meet people. They don’t have much to do for many hours, so why not get acquainted with them at least?

Food Tasting

When you get off at shortstops, depending on the region and where you are, the culture, geography, and the food can change.

So make the best of it by trying out the many different flavours of the world.

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